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Micro-Gel is a bentonite product designed and engineered for micro-tunneling and tunneling applications. It is engineered to promote low fluid loss and increased lubricity, which translates to low jacking pressures. The integrity of the tunnel wall is maintained by the effect of the superior filter cake and gel strengths exhibited by a Micro-Gel fluid.

Uniquely Micro-Gel can be used both as the slurry fluid, carrying the cuttings away from the cutter head, and the lubricating fluid. Each function will necessitate a different mix ratio, but the contractor using Micro-Gel needs only one bentonite product on location. Micro-Gel mixes easily through most conventional mixing systems.

Micro-Gel is environmentally safe and non-hazardous. Micro-Gel has been designed to be resistant to many chemicals found in tunneling operations. Micro-Gel has a very high tolerance for calcium and salts, making it an ideal fluid for any tunnel with salt water influence.

Micro-Gel is NSF Certified to NSF/ANSI 60.


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