The Mud Engineer's Testing Equipment on Rollers (METEOR) Kit contains all the equipment you'll need to conduct tests on water and oil-based muds (with the optional ES Meter) - all in one waterproof, portable case! In addition to the standard mud balance, marsh funnel, and cup, the METEOR Kit includes an 8-Speed Viscometer, an HTHP Filter Press, a Full Area Filter Press, a pH meter, a retort, and a Methylene Blue Test (MBT) Kit, with ample room for regulators, supplies, and extra chemicals. The rugged, plastic case is built according to military specs, enabling it to withstand the harshest of conditions, while protecting your equipment.

Size: 33.5" × 21" × 18" (85 × 53 × 46 cm)

Weight: 114 lb (51.8 kg)

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