Low Flow Foot Valves

The Low Flow System is designed to be used in small diameter piezometers (usually 1.5" ID to 0.75" ID). It can provide flow rates of up to 1/2 gallon per minute and can lift water from up to 100 feet. 

The Low Flow System D-13 and SS-13 valves have a male thread which allows them to have a maximum outside diameter of 5/8” (13 mm). This narrow diameter means that they will often fit into piezometers that cannot be accessed by the Standard Flow System

In some deep well situations it may be necessary to secure the Low Flow foot valve to the tubing with a small screw. In deeper wells the hydraulic pressure applied against the tubing where the valve can be substantial. This pressure pushes against the walls of the tubing and against the valve and may ultimately pop the valve out of the end of the tubing.

The use of HDPE tubing is preferred in these situations because it is stiffer than the LDPE tubing and will expand less under high pressure. Additionally, the valve can also be securely fastened to the tubing by driving a small sharp stainless steel screw through the tubing wall, penetrating the threaded portion of the foot valve. The stainless steel SS-13 valve has a small hole in the threaded portion of the valve which will accept screws used for this purpose.

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