LITE Wireline Drill Rod

When drill size and/or remote site mobilization becomes an issue, Drillers Edge offers a lighter weight drill rod alternative in deep hole (D), reverse flank (R), and standard wireline (WL) thread forms.

Reduces Weight, Drills Deeper, Lasts Longer

A variable wall thickness ensures a strong joint while decreasing the overall weight of the drill rod without compromising life.

  • Weight reduction: N = 12% | H = 22% | P = 23%
  • Allows for deep holes with smaller, lower powered drill
  • Mobilization to site easier and less expensive (fly jobs)
  • Ideal for demanding projects requiring hole deviation

Di-Corp uses an environmentally friendly thread compound to reduce friction. This allows for the proper makeup of the joint with less torque and reduced galling.

  • Every rod is factory coated with this compound on the box and pin ends
  • The use of this compound is MANDATORY for the initial make-up of the joint

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