Hyperdrill AF 207RD

Product #13305

Hyperdrill AF 207RD has been developed to give enhanced performance in conventional clear water or low solids drilling fluids while maintaining functionality in K+, polymer and high salt systems.

With improved dispersibility over conventional PHPA powders, Hyperdrill AF 207RD provides all the benefits normally associated with PHPA type additives. It will provide viscosity, shale stabilization, flocculation, lubrication and foam stabilization.

As a viscosifier, Hyperdrill AF 207RD is very efficient and cost effective in low solids, low salinity-drilling fluids. Normal dosage rates are between 0.75-3.0 kg/m³.

Hyperdrill AF 207RD can be used alone or in conjunction with clay stabilizers such as K+ to inhibit shale hydration. Sufficient polymer must be maintained in the system to provide a protective coating on the well bore and drill cuttings. Normal addition rates are 0.6-3.0kg/m³.

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