HTHP Viscometer

Product #E13077

When extremely high-temperature and/or high-pressure viscosity measurements are required, the HTHP Viscometer is the solution. This fully-automated system accurately determines the rheological properties of completion fluids and drilling fluids in terms of shear stress, shear rate, time, and temperature at pressures up to 30,000 PSI (207 MPa) and temperatures up to 500°F (260°C). An optional chiller is available for those situations in which the fluid sample needs to be cooled, rather than heated, further increasing the flexibility of the system.

Like other computer-controlled viscometers, the HTHP Viscometer features our easy-to-use ORCADA software. Using this exclusive software, a computer novice can operate the HTHP Viscometer, and yet the system is versatile enough for advanced research and demanding test parameters.

The HTHP Viscometer uses a compass to detect the rotation of a magnet at the top of the torsion assembly. The influence of the powerful drive magnets inside of the shield, the earth's magnetic field, the magnetic properties of the shield, spring non-linearities, magnetic fields and masses in the laboratory, non-ideal fluid flow, and small geometry variations all combine to make the angle display non-linear if not compensated. The microprocessor allows for easy compensation for those effects.

Crated Size: 39" × 35" × 47" (99 × 89 × 119 cm)

Crated Weight: 365 lb (165.6 kg)

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