High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)

High Density Tubing provides the best performance in deeper monitoring wells because of its rigidity. The stiffness of this material produces better flow rates and greater lifts. This tubing will also stretch much less than LDPE material in deeper monitoring wells making it more efficient.

High Density Polyethylene also provides a stronger valve-tubing connection, especially with the male threaded valves, because it is stiffer and gives less when the valve is threaded into the tubing.

Produced from virgin polyethylene resins, High Density Polyethylene does not contain any UV stabilizers*. Coils of tubing are individually poly bagged and are stored in sealed boxes, protected from UV light sources. Foot Valves are guaranteed to properly fit onto and into tubing.

*Leaving non UV protected polyethylene tubing exposed to sunlight or a UV light source will result in the material becoming brittle. The material will then fracture very easily. Keep you tubing protected from these light sources until you’re ready to install it in your well and it will last for many years.

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