Glide Graph

Product #23005

Glide Graph is a highly resilient graphite bead with a very low coefficient of friction. It is inert and non-toxic. Glide Graph is an alternative to glass and plastic beads for torque and drag reduction. It is used in directional or crooked holes when torque and drag becomes a problem.

Glide Graph becomes embedded in the filter cake to provide lubricity where needed. Unlike glass and plastic beads Glide Graph is extremely resilient. It is also effective in reducing seepage losses by plugging fractures and pore spaces.

Particle size: +99% greater than 200 Mesh 85% within 70-200 Mesh. The optimum concentration for Glide Graph is in the range of 6.0-7.0 kg/m³.

Glide Graph can be pumped down the hole as a sweep, spotted if possible where torque or drag originates or added at the above concentration throughout the mud system.

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