Glass Beads (Medium and Fine)

Product #11800 / 11805

Glass Beads are specially sized, solid glass spheres made of high-grade crown glass of the lime soda type. Glass Beads are chemically inert, free of impurities and non-polluting.

Glass beads come in 2 sizes; Medium (50-80) where 95% pass through a 60 mesh screen and Fine (100-170) where 95% pass through a 100 mesh screen.

Glass Beads can be used in all water and oil based drilling fluids to reduce torque and drag and to aid in the prevention of differential sticking. They should have no measurable effect on the desired properties of the mud system and can be removed by a desilter or centrifuge.

Adding and maintaining 8.0-12.0 kg/m³ of Glass Beads can achieve a reduction in torque and drag anywhere from 15.0 to 30.0%. The severity of hole problems and solids content will determine actual concentrations required.

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