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Earth Pro FLA-6 is a special blend of products designed to be an effective and economical oil well cement fluid loss additive. The product does contain some slurry dispersing properties, although it is recommended to combine Earth Pro FLA-6 with an effective cement dispersing agent to induce the desired flow characteristics.

Oilfield Cementing: Earth Pro FLA-6 is primarily used as a fluid loss control additive for oilfield cementing applications. It has an effective range of 10oC to 80oC (and possibly higher), with typical fluid loss values ranging from 20 – 30 cc in 30 minutes API in standard density slurries.

Dosages vary from 0.4-1.0% w/w, but may go higher in light weight slurries. Typical accelerators and retarders are compatible with Earth Pro FLA-6. Laboratory testing is recommended for confirmation of loadings.

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