Enviroplug Medium

Product #11047

Enviroplug Medium is made of pure 'Wyoming Bentonite', and was the first bentonite chip developed and marketed. Enviroplug has been used for abandoning holes since 1983. Enviroplug is used in sealing and plugging applications.

Enviroplug Medium swell to fill voids, exerting pressure against all surfaces to create a flexible low permeability seal. Since Enviroplug is introduced in a “dry” state, shrinkage cannot occur and there is a reserve expansion capacity. Generally hydration takes 1 to 2 hours.

Enviroplug is an exceptionally versatile product used for abandoning cased and uncased boreholes, sealing casing, isolating zones, sealing grounding rods and heat pump conductor holes, stemming and sealing seismic shot holes, sealing excavations, and for any vertical sealing to prevent water movement up or down a borehole.

Enviroplug is introduced in a dry state, which prevents shrinkage and provides a reserve expansion capacity. When absorbing water, Enviroplug swells to fill voids, exerting pressure against all surfaces to create a flexible, low-permeability seal.

Enviroplug falls easily through standing water and thin drilling fluids, filling the column from the bottom upward. Expect a fall rate of 1 ft/s, which has been achieved through water depths of over 1600 ft.

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