Product #10975

Emul-Break is a general batching demulsifier for problem emulsions, production, stimulation, and anti-sludge applications. 

For Drilling Fluids: An addition rate of 0.25-1.0 L/m³ of drilling mud is recommended. Higher addition rates may be necessary for difficult situations.

The possibility of foaming exits with increased concentrations of Emul-Break. Pretreat the system with 3-5 pails of Earth Pro XL-Defoamer prior to making increased additions.

For Well Stimulation: Emul-Break in a 1.0-5.0% hydrocarbon solvent will stimulate oil production by reducing interfacial tension between oil, water and the producing formation. Emul-Break will remove emulsion blocks and act as sludge dispersant removing solid particles.

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