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COILSav is used for protecting coil tubing strings requiring short or long-term storage. Regular application before and after field use will ultimately lengthen the service life of the tubing string.

Oilfield: COILSav will protect interior or exterior surfaces of tubing strings which may require storage due to non-use. Typical application
method is to spray the inside and outside, ensuring adequate coverage of all exposed surfaces. Coating remains wet to touch. Weather-sheltered
storage will provide 6-12 months of protection, while weather-exposed storage will provide 2-3 months of continued protection without

Other Industries: COILSav can be used wherever unprotected metallic materials are subject to long periods of storage where corrosion may be a problem. Application rate and duration of protection will vary with the type of metal.

Note: Product is to be used as supplied. COILSav will displace any residual water and remove any ice plugs within cavities, but may not adequately remove harsh chemical residues which may lead to corrosion and/or pitting in low areas of the tubing string, resulting in substantially reduced protection periods. Fresh water flush, rinse and purge are recommended prior to application.

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