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Earth Pro Can-Free is designed to penetrate and lubricate the medium between the drill pipe and the wellbore equalizing the pressure differences associated with differential sticking.

To relieve deferentially stuck pipe, mix 25.0 L/m³ of Earth Pro Can-Free to diesel or crude oil. Prepare a volume that is sufficient to more than fill the annulus for the entire “stuck” interval, leaving 1.0 m³ in the drill string.

After displacement, let the Earth Pro Can-Free mixture “soak” for at least two hours before commencing to slowly pump an additional 0.2 m³ of spotting fluid every one-half hour while the drill string is being worked.

NOTE: To increase the density of the spotting fluid, an organophilic clay (Oilgel 3000) must be added to the oil phase.

Add the Earth Pro Can-Free and weighting agent once the desired viscosity has been achieved. Approximately, 10.0-30.0 L/m³ of Oilgel 3000 will be required depending on the final density.

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