Calcium Chloride Powder

Product #6670

Calcium Chloride Powder is used as an inhibitor to control active shale and clay dispersion. It can be used in polymer mud to minimize the formation of gas hydrates.

Calcium Chloride Powder can be used to formulate fluid systems when formation pressures call for densities ranging from 8.4 to 11.8 lb/gal. It is also applicable when the inhibitive properties of a calcium fluid are required to prevent the hydration and migration of swelling clays.

Calcium Chloride Powder can be used to retard the dissolution of massive salt sections and salt stringers. It can also be used to balance the activity of the water phase in oil mud as well as weighting material.

In some applications, Calcium Chloride Powder is also used as a bridging agent for lost circulation in saturated salt systems. Calcium Chloride fluids can be formulated with various crystallization points and are available for special applications and winter use.

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