Product #19708

Earth Pro Brine-Cor is a non-foaming, water and brine soluble, highly effective brine corrosion inhibitor designed to provide corrosion protection for mild steel and most other metals in both low and high temperature systems.

Earth Pro Brine-Cor corrosion inhibitor is effective in low and high density sodium, potassium, calcium, and zinc brines. It is a brine soluble corrosion inhibitor that can be used at temperatures up to 450°F.

Because of its filming ability and Lewis base character, Earth Pro Brine-Cor can reduce or prevent corrosion due to carbon dioxide and/or hydrogen sulfide. Unlike organic amines (cationic) that coat on solids, it does not adsorb onto solids in the drilling fluid and has no effect on the rheology of brine or water base drilling fluids.


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