Aquatreat H2S (Liquid)

Product #13160

Aquatreat H2S is a water-soluble Sulfide scavenger. Aquatreat H2S is an aqueous amine resin solution containing surfactants which when added to a water-based drilling fluid permanently removes toxic H2S.

Aquatreat H2S is an amine blend designed to scavenge H2S in water based drilling fluids. Aquatreat H2S is completely soluble in water and 2.0 L/m³ will scavenge approximately 500 ppm of H2S. Aquatreat H2S will provide protection against H2S pitting, metal embrittlement and corrosion. Aquatreat H2S reacts with Hydrogen sulfide to form a stable amine sulfide.

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