Stimpro 763

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    Stimpro 763

    Stimpro 763 is a water soluble surfactant blend used to penetrate and disperse oil wet solids. 

    Stimulation: As an additive added to acid, Stimpro 763 will remove hydrocarbon film from oil coated scale or hydrocarbon covered carbonate rock. This allows for better penetration of hydrochloric acid. Stimpro 763 will ensure that formation wet-ability is not altered and the producing zone remains in a water wet state. Typical application rates are 5 –20 L/m³ of the total acid blend.

    Cementing: Effective at penetrating and removing drilling muds prior to cementing, Stimpro 763 can be blended in an aqueous based pre-flush prior to a cement job. The mixture will disperse and displace the drilling mud from the hole leaving a water wet surface to which the cement can bond to. Typical application rates are 10-20 L/m³.

    Wax Removal: Stimpro 763 can be added to water used during hot oiling operations. When added to hot water it will allow the water to penetrate wax deposits and keep the wax dispersed in the water. Typical application rates range from 5-25 L/m³.

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