Model 1100 Viscometer

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    Model 1100 Viscometer

    The OFI Testing Equipment (OFITE) Model 1100 Viscometer is a fully-automated system that accurately determines the fluid characteristics of stimulation fluids, completion fluids, drilling fluids, and cement in terms of shear stress, shear rate, time, and temperature at pressure up to 2,500 PSI.

    Using the exclusive ORCADA software, a computer novice can operate the viscometer, and yet the system is versatile enough for advanced research and demanding test parameters. It is suitable for both field and laboratory use. A waterproof, compartmentalized case with wheels makes the unit completely portable.

    The new optional SAFEHEAT system is a Safe, Accurate, Fast, Environmentally friendly, High Efficiency Air Transfer system. Compared to traditional oil bath heating systems, SAFEHEAT provides more precise control over the sample temperature without the risks of hot oil, such as spilling, splashing or flashing. No oil means no hazardous materials, which makes the SAFEHEAT system safer, easier and faster to clean.

    Size: 14″ × 13″ × 30″ (36 × 33 × 76 cm)

    Weight: 85 lb (37.6 kg)


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