Methylene Blue Test Kit

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    Methylene Blue Test Kit

    Optimized drilling fluid control requires that some measurement be made to give information about the nature and types of clays that are present in the drilling fluid. The same information is also required about the types of clays and shales that are being drilled, since they become a part of the fluid system.

    The Methylene Blue Test (MBT) is routinely used to analyze foundry molding sands and many other industrial clay applications.

    The MBT Kit measures the total exchange capacity of a clay system and determines the reactive solids content of fluids. The test measures the capacity of a clay to absorb cations from solution where exchangeable cations on the clay surfaces are replaced by methylene blue cations. The more ions the clay can exchange for methylene blue cations, the more reactive the clay, and the greater the swelling potential. Only the reactive portions of the clay are involved, and other materials present, such as sand, limestone, barite, etc. do not absorb methylene blue. When only a single clay type is present, an accurate estimate of the reactive clay content can be made. When unknown clay mixtures are present, the method offers a reasonable estimate of the predominate clay mineral and the purity of the sample.

    Knowledge of the type of clays in both the fluid and formation will aid in preventing excessive gel strengths, viscosity, density, pipe drag, stuck pipe, chemical costs, and borehole instability. Without the MBT, drilled solids would remain the most misdiagnosed contaminant in a drilling fluid. A complete solids analysis using an MBT, retort, and salt content determination is the best remedy for maintaining optimized drilling fluid control.

    The Methylene Blue Test Kit comes complete with all necessary chemicals, glassware, and equipment to perform this important and informative test in the field. All of the equipment is stored in a convenient stainless steel carrying case.

    Size: 11.25″ × 6.5″ × 12″ (27 × 17 × 31 cm)

    Weight: 12 lb 8 oz (5.7 kg)

    Available in 115 and 230 volts.

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