Hyperdrill AF 204RD

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    Hyperdrill AF 204RD

    Hyperdrill AF 204RD is a water-soluble acrylamide co-polymer. It disperses readily in water minimizing the formation of fisheyes.

    Hyperdrill AF 204RD is an effective anionic polymer flocculant used for clear water drilling. It should be added through a chemical barrel at the flow line or injected directly into a centrifuge from a premixed polymer tank, usually in a 0.5% stock solution. It can also be used for fluid clarification when added at the centrifuge in sumpless drilling operations.

    Hyperdrill AF 204RD will provide shale stabilization and viscosity when used in higher concentrations of 0.3-3.0 kg/m³.

    Hyperdrill AF 204RD Product Sheet

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