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    Gypsum (CaSO4•2H2O) is a naturally hydrated Calcium Sulphate and is only slightly soluble in water. Gypsum is used as the source of calcium in clear-water drilling and in other inhibitive mud systems.

    Gypsum is hygroscopic; therefore it should be stored in a dry environment to avoid lumping and hardening.  It is advisable to use a dust mask and eye protection while mixing all powdered products.  A dust hazard is present while gypsum is being mixed.

    Physical Properties

    Appearance: Light grey powder
    Specific Gravity: 2.9 (rock)
    Bulk Density: 1120-1424 kg/m3
    Flash Point: Not available

    Chemical Properties

    Type: Inorganic Salt
    Solubility: Slight (water)
    Ph: 6.5
    Microtox: Not applicable

    Packaging & Controls

    WHMIS: Not Controlled
    TDG: Not regulated
    Packaging: 25kg bag

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