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    Trenchless and Technical Drilling Fluids & Additives

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    Enhance core recovery, reduce the sticking of bitumen onto tubulars, and minimize filtrate invasion with CoreMix. This product is designed as a one-stack system for oilsand drilling and coring.

    Extra High Yield™ Bentonite for Oilfield

    Extra High Yield™ Bentonite (EHYB) is used as the base fluid for many water-based drilling fluids. While Extra High Yield™ Bentonite’s primary function is to provide viscosity, it also exhibits gelling properties characteristic of fluid loss control agents. Extra High Yield™ Bentonite has a higher performance formula that makes it a very effective viscosifier. It is designed for […]


    NaturalGel® is an unpeptized bentonite (sodium montmorillonite) that can expand several times its original volume when placed in water, resulting in higher fluid viscosity, gel strength, and solids-suspending ability.


    Earth Pro Poly-Xan is engineered to deliver viscosity in both shallow and medium-depth wells, meeting the need for high performance at an affordable price. This product is a high molecular weight biopolymer derived from Xanthan Gum, primarily utilized to increase viscosity in various drilling muds, including fresh water, seawater, and saline environments.

    Wyoming Gel

    Earth Pro Wyoming Gel is used for viscosity and filtration control in freshwater mud systems. The bentonite must first be prehydrated in fresh water in muds with a salinity of 3500 mg/L or higher.

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