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Maximize core retrieval with effective and safe overshot options.

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    Overshot Assemblies and Options From Your Trusted Diamond Core Drilling Partner

    Safely and efficiently retrieve your inner tube assembly or core sample with our overshot locking systems. Whether you need a full assembly, head assembly, or spares, Di-Corp Driller’s Edge has your overshot needs covered with options compatible with industry-leading coring systems. Keep your rigs turning and get more rock in the box.

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    A variety of overshot assembly parts on a table.

    Quality Drilling Overshot Assemblies and Options for Your Operations

    We offer a complete range of overshot assemblies and options compatible with popular industry coring systems to enhance functionality in drilling operations.

    EdgeLOCK™ Overshot Assemblies – Rolling

    The Rolling EdgeLOCK Overshot is a modified version of the standard EdgeLOCK Overshot. It is normally used when the hole angle approaches 45° and the overshot descent time is compromised by friction between the Overshot Assembly and the inside diameter of the drill string.

    EdgeLOCK™ Overshot Assemblies & Options

    The EdgeLOCK Overshot is a simple, self-locking, compatible solution to retrieving the Inner Tube Assembly efficiently and reliably. When drilling down holes, the unique EdgeLOCK mechanism housed within the Overshot Head ensures that the lifting dogs are physically unable to release the spearhead.

    Overshot Spares

    Overshot Spares include all of the most commonly consumed overshot wear components. The EdgeLOCK Overshot spares kits contain pins, bearings, springs, nuts, fittings, pin links, screws, and lifting dogs. The pump-in overshot spares kits contain the same items, less the EdgeLOCK components.

    RetroLOCK Overshot Assemblies & Options

    The RetroLOCK Overshot is a simple, self-locking, compatible device for retrieving the inner tube assembly efficiently and reliably. The RetroLOCK latching system is our version of the most common overshot locking system used today.

    RetroLOCK™ Overshot Head Assemblies & Options

    The RetroLOCK overshot head assembly is our version of a well-known system with traditional overshot locking.


    Why Choose Di-Corp

    As a leading manufacturer and distributor of specialty chemicals, parts and accessories serving the energy, mining, and drilling industries, we can focus on all aspects of your project.

    Quality Control

    At Di-Corp, we work with our customers to provide quality products and can tailor our quality program to meet specific customer needs. That’s why all of our overshot assemblies pass through a quality control process prior to being released to the market as a finished product.

    Integrated Tool Safety

    Our in-hole core retrieval accessories and tools are designed with safety and productivity top of mind. These tools provide positive locking with the assembly that ensures they cannot loosen from any vibrations– keeping your operations running safely and smoothly.

    Customer Service

    At Di-Corp, we take pride in our customer service. To guarantee your satisfaction, our team of dedicated customer representatives will work with you to ensure your products satisfy your operational needs.

    Maximize Core Retrieval with Overshot Assemblies

    As a leading manufacturing and distributing company of overshot assemblies, we will assist you in finding superior products that can withstand your challenging drilling operations. Browse through our diverse list of overshot assemblies and request a comprehensive quote from us today.