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    Casing Shoes

    Di-Corp offers three versions of Casing Shoes – Level 1, Level 2 and Carbonado. The Level 1 is a general purpose casing shoe suited for most drilling conditions through overburden (no boulders) and the Level 2 is a premium shoe for more difficult overburden drilling conditions which offers increased life with increased diamond concentration, extended impregnation depth and gauge setting. Carbonado’s are very similar to surface set Casing Shoes but use carbonado diamonds which are considerably tougher and more wear resistant than the natural diamonds used in conventional surface set casing shoes.

    Oversized Casing Shoes for use with a Casing Advancer are available. Note: The inside diameter of the Casing Shoe is not set with diamonds and is flush with the inside diameter of the casing to allow the core barrel to pass freely.

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