Measure the viscosity and flow of your drilling fluids with our robust viscometers, rheometers, and other viscosity supplies.

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    Hand Crank Rheometer

    The OFI Testing Equipment (OFITE) Hand Crank Rheometer is a direct-indicating, manually-operated, rotational viscometer. It is powered by a hand crank, which drives the spindle through a precision gear train. The shift cam selects between fixed speeds of 300 and 600 RPM. A knob on the hub of the shift cam determines gel strength. During …

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    HTHP Viscometer

    When extremely high-temperature and/or high-pressure viscosity measurements are required, the HTHP Viscometer is the solution. This fully-automated system accurately determines the rheological properties of completion fluids and drilling fluids in terms of shear stress, shear rate, time, and temperature at pressures up to 30,000 PSI (207 MPa) and temperatures up to 500°F (260°C). An optional …

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    Marsh Funnel

    Viscosity and gel strengths are measurements that relate to the flow properties of fluids. The Marsh Funnel Viscometer has been used for many years to obtain an indication of the relative viscosity of drilling fluids. It is calibrated to outflow one quart (946 mL) of fresh water at a temperature of 70 ± 5°F (21 …

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    Measuring Cup, 1000 mL, Plastic

    OFI Testing Equipment (OFITE) Measuring Cup is graduated in fluid ounces (2 – 32 oz) and cubic centimeters (100 – 1,000 cc) and is designed to be used with the Marsh Funnel Viscometer. The heavy duty plastic measuring cup features a double spout and has the two scales molded into the inside of the cup …

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    Model 1100 Viscometer

    The OFI Testing Equipment (OFITE) Model 1100 Viscometer is a fully-automated system that accurately determines the fluid characteristics of stimulation fluids, completion fluids, drilling fluids, and cement in terms of shear stress, shear rate, time, and temperature at pressure up to 2,500 PSI. Using the exclusive ORCADA software, a computer novice can operate the viscometer, …

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    Model 800 Viscometer

    The Model 800 8-Speed Electronic Viscometer is extensively used worldwide in both the field and laboratory for the precise measurement of Rheological properties of fluids.

    Model 900 Viscometer

    The OFI Testing Equipment (OFITE) Model 900 Viscometer is a true Couette coaxial cylinder rotational viscometer, which employs a transducer to measure the induced angle of rotation of the bob by a fluid sample. For a fully automated Control/Data Acquisition System suitable for research applications, the Model 900 Viscometer may be connected to a computer …

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