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Whether you require test kits, hot plates, mixers, or more, we have all the necessary equipment to keep your drilling operations running smoothly.

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    Drilling Fluids & Additives


    Digital Resistivity Meter

    The OFI Testing Equipment (OFITE) Digital Resistivity Meter accurately measures the resistivity of fluids, slurries, and semisolids having resistivities from 0.01 to 400 ohm-meters. The digital display shows both resistivity (in ohm-meters) and concentration of NaCl (in ppm, kppm, and gr/gal), as well as temperature (in °C or °F).

    Emulsion Stability Tester

    The electrical stability (ES) of an oil-based drilling fluid is a property related to its emulsion stability and oil wetting ability. The Emulsion Stability Tester determines ES by applying a precision voltage-ramped sinusoidal signal across a pair of parallel flat plate electrodes that are immersed in the fluid. Features include API recommended sinewave circuitry, push button …

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    Garrett Gas Train

    The Garrett Gas Train is the most widely used portable instrument for the determination of soluble sulfides and carbonate concentrations in drilling fluid. Soluble sulfides include H2S and the sulfide (S-2) and bisulfide (HS–) ions. Total soluble carbonates include CO2 and the carbonate (CO3-2) and bicarbonate (HCO3) ions. Mud filtrate is acidified inside the gas train, converting all …

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    Lubricity Tester

    The OFI Testing Equipment (OFITE) EP and Lubricity Tester is a high-quality instrument used to measure the lubricating quality of drilling fluids, provide data to evaluate the type and quantity of lubricating additives that may be required and predict wear rates of mechanical parts in known fluid systems. EP (Extreme Pressure Test) This test produces …

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    Methylene Blue Test Kit

    Optimized drilling fluid control requires that some measurement be made to give information about the nature and types of clays that are present in the drilling fluid. The same information is also required about the types of clays and shales that are being drilled, since they become a part of the fluid system. The Methylene …

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    Mud Balance, 4 Scale, Metal

    The 4-scale Metal Mud Balance features a Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) all-machined manufacturing process, instead of the old die-cast molded method which has been utilized for years. This uniform method of construction results in a much stronger, more rugged instrument that sets the industry standard for accuracy, and is easier to calibrate. The zinc-aluminum alloy …

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    Pressurized Fluid Density Scale

    Drilling fluids and cement slurries often have a considerable amount of entrained or trapped air that may give erroneous results when determining fluid density using conventional equipment. This air volume may be reduced or eliminated by pressurizing the sample cup, which will then give more accurate density readings of the fluid itself. The Pressurized Fluid …

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    Single Spindle Mixer

    The Single Spindle Mixer is a Hamilton Beach HMD200 with a stainless steel cup included available in 115 or 230 volt.  It has three speeds and a cup rest for hands-free operation. The Single Spindle Mixer mixes up to twice as fast with more powerful 1/3 Hp motors and has minimized motor vibration – each …

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    Stirring Hot Plate

    Di-Corp offers three types of hot plate stirrers for both small and large-scale applications including large stirring hot plates, small stirring hot plates, and square stirring hot plates. Our stirring hot plates offer reliable performance, advanced safety, and optimal strength for various applications. Large Stirring Hot Plate Volt: 115 or 230 Speed: 60 – 1,150 …

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    Thermocup with Removable Stainless Steel Cup

    The OFI Testing Equipment (OFITE) Thermocup is designed for controlling the temperature of a mud sample while taking readings with a viscometer. The holes in the stage of the viscometers have been positioned to hold the heated cups at a 45° angle to the line of the instrument for better accommodation of thermometers and power cables. A removable stainless steel …

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