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Di-Corp helps keep your drilling operations at peak performance with genuine OFI fluid testing equipment and parts.  Our testing equipment team can also supply you with reagents for cementing and stimulation product analysis as well as environmental analysis.

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    Drilling Fluids & Additives

    Authorized Canadian Distributor of OFI Testing Equipment

    Di-Corp is the authorized OFI Testing Equipment Inc. distribution and service centre for Canada, with stock inventory at our southeast Calgary location, and direct access to a vast inventory of OFI testing products and equipment. As the exclusive OFI distributor, Di-Corp also provides equipment and supplies for rig operations in the WCSB and beyond. We provide equipment for direct purchase through Oilfield Supply Stores, while also strongly supporting oilfield-related educational institutions with their equipment needs.

    Download the complete OFI Testing Equipment catalog here.


    An Unmatched Testing Equipment Selection

    We offer all of the testing instruments that a fluids engineer may need for testing drilling fluids and ensure they are ready for use in your operations. Competitive pricing and efficient, on-time delivery are a Di-Corp standard. We back up all the equipment we sell with attentive service and ongoing repairs and calibration.

    Cementing Lab Equipment

    Our variety of cementing lab equipment allows you to measure the permeability of cement core specimens, determine the compressive strength of a well cement or proppant, test drilling fluids and cement under elevated temperatures and pressures, and more.


    Our collection of filter presses allows you to determine filtration and wall cake-building properties of fluids, completion fluids, wastewater, and oil well cements. Di-Corp carries two categories of filter presses - low-pressure and high-pressure. Our low-pressure types include Half Area, Model MB, and API. For high-pressure, we offer HTHP type presses.

    Miscellaneous Equipment

    Di-Corp has various equipment that can help you test your fluids. Some of our miscellaneous equipment includes a digital resistivity meter, emulsion stability tester, Garett Gas Train, and more. 

    Mud Testing Kits

    Our mud testing kits are designed to provide drilling mud testing for water-based and oil-based drilling systems. Choose between our basic test kit, frontier kit, HDD kit, and more. 

    Retort Analysis

    Measure the percentage of oil and water, and estimate both suspended and dissolved solids contained in a sample of water-based or oil-based muds and cuttings with Di-Corp’s retort analysis testing solutions. 


    We provide calibration solutions, glassware, reagents, filter paper, and other lab supplies to complement your drilling testing requirements.


    Measure the viscosity and other fluid characteristics of stimulation fluids, completion fluids, drilling fluids and cement with our OFI Testing Equipment. Choose between our collection of rheometers, viscometers, and more. 

    Why Choose Di-Corp

    Di-Corp is the only OFI Testing Equipment Authorized Distributor and Repair Centre for Canada. Not only do we pride ourselves on our high quality products, we deliver excellent customer service and offer competitive pricing and efficient, on-time delivery.

    Customer Service

    At Di-Corp, we take customer satisfaction seriously. To guarantee your satisfaction with our products, our team of dedicated Customer Service Representatives will work with you to address any questions or concerns you may have.

    Responsible Distribution

    Di-Corp is proud to operate following the Code of Practice of Responsible Distribution®. The elements included in the Responsible Distribution® include but are not limited to occupational health and safety, waste management, bulk handling, repackaging, labelling, and more.

    Health & Safety

    Di-Corp is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for our employees and visitors. Di-Corp's Health and Safety Program was developed to meet the requirements of a COR (Certificate of Recognition). We comply with the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act for certifying our staff and supervisors through the Ministry of Labour training.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I place an order?

    Please contact us via telephone (403) 969-5714 or email to place your order.

    What information do I need to provide when placing an order?

    If you know the part number, we’ll take it from there. If not, we’ll gladly assist you in identifying the product you need.

    How do I pay for my order?

    If you have an account, you will be invoiced. Otherwise, we accept debit or credit card payments.

    Is freight included in the price?

    Companies will be charged extra for freight unless they’ve provided an account number. We ship with any carrier to all locations, always striving to get the product shipped the same day it is ordered. Most commonly, we use Loomis and Purolator. Local couriers provide service for deliveries within Calgary.

    How do I order a sample?

    Please contact our Calgary Testing Equipment office with all the details and ship your product to the location, and they will provide you with a sample. Our Testing Equipment office is located at 7058B Farrell Road SE, Calgary, AB Canada T2H 0H2. The Testing Equipment Manager can be reached by phone at 403-969-5714 or email peyman@di-corp.com.

    Do you carry used/reconditioned equipment?

    Yes, we do! What is available at any given time may vary widely so, please check in with us to discover what OFI testing equipment replacement parts we have available.

    What is the expiry date for your reagents?

    We do not use expiry dates on our reagents but batch numbers in the form of the date of manufacture. It is the responsibility of the customer to set a date when they need to be replaced.

    Keep Your Operations at Peak Performance With Quality Testing Equipment

    As a leading manufacturer and distributor of specialty chemicals, parts and accessories, Di-Corp has all the testing equipment you need for successful drilling operations. Browse through our collection of quality testing equipment and request a comprehensive quote from us today.