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    Drilling Fluids & Additives


    Core Barrel Assemblies & Options

    Di-Corp’s Surface Core Barrel offering includes standard sizes from B to P, and the Pump-In Core Barrel includes B to H. All Core Barrel Assemblies are supplied with the Edge-Latch Head Assembly and Conventional Locking Couplings.

    Core Barrel Head Assemblies & Options

    The EdgeLatch Head Assembly is a robust, reliable tool that is supplied complete with landing indication and is fully compatible with the industry leader. The EdgeLatch latching system provides an enhanced mechanism for retracting the latches, which lessens the chances of sticking a tube.

    Core Barrel Conversions

    Di-Corp offers several Core Barrel Conversion assemblies. One allows for a seamless transition from the industry-leading core barrel assembly to the enhanced Edge Latch Core Barrel by replacing only a handful of simple components. Another comes fully assembled and replaces all components.

    Core Barrel Kits

    Di-Corp offers both gravity and pump-in systems in double and triple-tube configurations. We have incorporated a number of product improvements to ensure you remain productive, including Edge Latch for improved locking and unlocking, shielded bearing, latch locking for up-hole drilling, inner tube, and more.

    Extended Core Barrel Options

    Di-Corp has a solution for extending your standard Core Barrel. Whether you’re coupling two standard Core Barrels together or simply extending an Inner Tube Assembly to match a stabilized Reaming Shell, Di-Corp has what you require to get the job done.

    Overshot Assemblies

    The Edge-Lock Overshot is a simple, self-locking, compatible solution to retrieving the Inner Tube Assembly efficiently and reliably. When drilling down holes, the unique Edge-Lock mechanism housed within the Overshot Head ensures that the lifting dogs are physically unable to release the spearhead.

    Overshot Assemblies – Rolling

    The Rolling Edge-Lock Overshot is a modified version of the standard Edge-Lock Overshot. It is normally used when the hole angle approaches 45° and the overshot descent time is compromised by friction between the Overshot Assembly and the inside diameter of the drill string.

    Overshot Spares

    Overshot Spares include all of the most commonly consumed Overshot wear components. The Edge-Lock Overshot spares kits contain Pins, Bearings, Springs, Nuts, Fittings, Pin Links and Screws, as well as Lifting Dogs. The Pump-In Overshot spares kits contain the same items, less the Edge-Lock components.

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