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    Drilling Fluids & Additives


    Coring Accessories

    Efficiently retrieve the inner core surface once bedrock is reached with the assistance of an extractor core retrieval tool like rod gauges, fishing tools, water swivels, casing advancers and more.


    Safely seal off fluids and materials like cement slurry from exiting while pumping with plugs like VK grout plugs and displacement plugs.

    Quadlatch Core Barrel

    Minimize the amount of moving parts while drilling and maintain dependable performance for deep hole continuous coring with quadlatch core barrels that provide positive latching at any hole angle.  


    Better adapt to severe service under hard drilling conditions with samplers that are designed to withstand exceptional abuse.

    Wireline Core Retrieval

    Extract core samples from bedrock without pulling the entire drill string with the help of wireline core retrieval products like core barrel assemblies, head assemblies, and more.

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