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    Drilling Fluids & Additives


    Stainless Steel Screens

    Filter poorly sooted sands in unconsolidated formations with our stainless steel screens. All of our screens are offered in various sizes, lengths, end fitting types and schedules.

    Steel Casing

    Eliminate utility line damage with Di-Corp’s steel casing. Available in bare, black or galvanized finishes in numerous sizes for various applications. 

    Slope Inclinometer Casing

    Maintain access for your inclinometer probe and allow it to obtain subsurface measurements with Di-Corp’s slope inclinometer casing.

    Split Steel Casing

    Di-Corp manufactures split steel casing to provide protection for cabling along bridges or underneath rail lines. For bridge applications we manufacture custom support brackets, standard couplings, heavy duty 2 part couplings, split bends in 22 and 45-degrees,as well as expansion joints in black steel or galvanized finishes. Custom tube lengths as well as a variety …

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    Shelby Tubes

    Collect and determine the density, permeability, compressibility, and strength of your soil with Di-Corp’s shelby tubes.

    PVC Environmental Pipe

    We strictly adhere to ASTM and industry standards for all of our PVC environmental pipes. Our pipes are fabricated from Type 1, Grade 1 PVC and manufactured to applicable ASTM and NSF standards.

    PVC Casing

    Our PVC casing is designed with our strong engineered buttress thread that you can rely on no matter what you encounter during your drilling operations.

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