Oil Sands Coring

Oil Sands Coring activities are conducted to allow sands producers some insight into the ground that lies beneath. Drill holes, also known as wellbores, are drilled in order to remove a cylindrical core sample from the earth, which can then be used by oil sands producers to detect the presence of oil and delineate the area’s resource potential.

In an industry where there is no room for error Di-Corp offers a large catalogue of extremely precise Oil Sands Coring products. On top of having on staff fluid technicians, Di-Corp carries a full line of premium drilling supplies including wireline core tooling and consumables, drilling fluids, grouts, cements, mud pump parts, accessories and more.

For our customers the ability to access all of the products they will require in one place means time and money are saved while completing their Oil Sands Coring projects.  

Di-Corp’s attention to detail, vast product line and extremely knowledgeable team allows us to stand out from all competitors.