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Carbonado Bits Documents - Carbonado Bits Waterway Configurations

Overshot Documents - Edge Lock Overshot

Core Barrel Documents - Edge Latch Core Barrel

Casing Documents - Casing SpecificationPackaging & Shipping Information - Casing

Drill Bit Documents - Drilling Parameter GuideEdge Series IntroductionMatrix CompositionWaterway Configuration

Drill Rod Documents - Standard Wireline Drill Rod SpecificationDeep Hole Wireline Drill Rod SpecificationDrill Rod Thread OptionsDrill Rod Tubing OptionsPackaging & Shipping Information - Drill Rod

Drilling Fluids Service Model Documents - FTFT for HDDFTFT for Mineral ExplorationPre-Contact Checklist for Mineral Exploration

Drilling Fluid Guides - Salt ChartCalcium Chloride Brine Composition


Drilling Fluid Test Procedures


Alkali-Silica Content in Potassium Silicate

Ammonium Sulfate


Drilling Mud Liquid and Solids Content

Filtration Tests

Funnel Viscosity

Hydrogen Ion Determination

Hydrogen Sulfide Concentration

Hydrogen Sulfide Scavenging

Methylene Blue Test

Mud Density

Nitrate Ion Concentration

Polyacrylamide Concentration

Potassium Ion Concentration

Rheological Measurements

Sand Content

Sulfate Ion Concentration

Sulfite Ion Concentration

Total Hardness

Tru-Wate Mud Balance