Laboratory Services Page

Facility Overview

Di-Corp maintains two laboratory facilities: one located in our Calgary down town office and another lab located at our Edmonton facility. The laboratory is responsible for several different activities and provides product development, quality control, and technical support for our sales departments and customers. The laboratory is equipped with industry-specific state of the art equipment that is being subjected to regular calibration schedules to ensure the accuracy of the measurements. 

The following is a list of relevant laboratory equipment we currently maintain:  


  • Premier Mill, 1.0 HP, disperserator 20L capacity
  • Multimixer 5-spindle milkshake type mixer (capacity 5 x 500 cm³)
  • Hamilton Beach 3-spindle milkshake type mixer (capacity 3 x 500 cm³)
  • Osterizer blade type mixer (1.0 liter capacity)
  • Magnetic stirrer (1.0 to 2000 cm³ capacity depending on viscosity)
  • Variable speed Waring blender
  • Constant Speed Blender


  • Analytical Balance (.00001 gm to 160 gm)
  • Mettler Toledo XS 204 (Max. 220g, d = 0.1 mg)
  • Mettler Toledo PB3001 (Max. 3100 g, d = 0.1 g)

 Distillation, Drilling Mud 

  • 10.0 cm³
  • 50.0 cm³

 Cement Test Equipment 

  • OFITE Ultrasonic Cement Analyzer Model 230
  • OFITE Consistometer Model 130
  • Stereopycnometer
  • Hydraulic Unit Model #3925
  • Atmospheric Consistometer

 Fluid Loss 

  • 4 cell API
  • Single cell vertical low pressure
  • High temperature - high pressure
  • Sandbed test cell

 Viscosity Meters 

  • Fann 35A 6-speed
  • OFITE 1100
  • OFITE 900
  • Brookfield PVS
  • Brookfield model LVDV II+

  Rolling Oven  

  • 6 cells – programmable with hot roll cells

Drying oven

pH / Conductivity / Ion Selective Meter 

Vacuum Pump 

Mud balance 

Garrett Gas Train 

OFITE Lubricity tester 

Fume Hood Electrical Stability Tester - Oil Mud 

Sieves/Screen 5-325 Mesh and Retsch sieve shaker  

Normal complement of standard laboratory glass and plastic ware 

DesipH / Conductivity /Ion Selective Meterccator, Glass Vacuum